Amendments in the Condominium Ownership Management Act

Amendments in the COMA were promulgated in SG, issue 26 dated April 1st 2016.

New obligations of the owners of separate units were introduced, also, each owner shall provide an e-mail address and all documents, including invitations for convocation of General Meetings and the minutes of the held General Meetings shall be sent to the respective e-mail addresses.

It was clarified that the General Meeting shall be scheduled and held not earlier than the eighth day after the date of placing the invitation for its convocation and in urgent cases – not earlier than 24 hours after its placing.

The majority required for adoption of the following decisions by the General Meeting has been amended:

  • Assignment of the obligation of the Management Board and assignment of the maintenance works on the common areas to a legal entity or natural persons, which are not owners, as the term of the contract shall not be longer than 2 years – majority more than 67 % of the common areas of the building;
  • Adopting decisions for major renovations or major repairs – majority not less than 67 % of the common areas;
  • Adopting decisions for placing advertising or technical installations on the building, for interconnection to or discontinuing from the heat transmission, water or other network – majority more than 50 % of the common areas.

The authorities of the Management Board were supplemented, as upon request be the owners the latter shall issue documents certifying the presence or the lack of monetary obligations to the Condominium.