Amendments in the Labour Code, in force as of 17 July 2015

Amendments in the Labour Code in force as of 17 July 2015 were promulgated in SG, issue 54/2015.

The amendments allow conclusion of one-day employment contracts for seasonal agricultural work; employer’s obligation to keep an employment record is introduced; it is limited the circle of persons entitled to impose disciplinary sanctions, namely these are only the employer or an official with managerial functions, designated by the employer, or other authority empowered by law.

Significant changes concerning the regime of the usage the paid annual leave were adopted:

  • the employer is no longer obligated to prepare time-schedule for use of leaves;
  • the requirement that the paid annual leave shall be postponed for the next calendar year in the amount of not more than 10 working days has been revoked;
  • employer’s obligation to ensure the usage by the employee of not less than half of its paid annual leave for the respective calendar year is introduced;
  • in case the annual leave has not been used or has been postponed, the employer shall ensure its usage not later than the end of June of the next year. If the employer fails to perform this obligation, the employee is entitled to determine at his sole discretion the time of use of the leave, by notifying the employer of that in writing at least 14 days in advance.